Disney Parks Mom Panel 2015 Hopeful

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M-I-C, See you real soon. K-E-Y, Why? Because we like you. M-O-U-S-E

Do you recognize this song? I sing it every time I return HOME to Walt Disney World in Florida. I have been lucky enough to be able to visit Disney World just about every year since I was 12. Without giving my age away; I have had a Disney obsession for almost 20 years.

I am a planner at heart so I frequent Disney’s website a lot. I MEAN EVERY DAY A LOT. I like to see what’s happening at the parks, the resorts and catch up on the blog posts. I receive daily emails from all sorts of Disney related subscriptions and follow just about every thing Disney related on Social Media sites. That being said I was super excited to read about the Disney Parks Mom Panel. Not sure what this is? Well let me give you the 4.1.1.

Disney Parks Mom Panel is a question and answer forum where online moms, dads and grandparents offer advice, respond to questions and provide tips about Walt Disney Resort in Florida, Disneyland Resort in California, Disney Vacation Club, Disney Cruise Line, team sports at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and runDisney events. This panel is made up of independent contractors and are not technically employed by the Disney Company.

While I was searching the questions that have already been answered by this amazing panel of Disney Fans (just like me); I also noticed that the search for the 2015 Disney Parks Mom Panel was about to open. Since I am a planner, I marked it on my calendar and so began the wait!

After doing some research it appears there will be 4 Rounds in which qualifiers will be asked to perform certain tasks or challenges to advance to the next round. When the day finally arrived, I made sure I was ready. I submitted my Round 1 application and sprinkled my self with “Pixie Dust” (figuratively of course).

Social Media has played an outstanding role in keeping the anxiety of the Round 2 notification at bay. I have made some new friends and learned a little a few things about Disney that I may not have know before. Finally, the day myself and many others had been waiting for had arrived. My Twitter feed was already blowing up with news of other Disney Parks Mom Panel hopefuls had made it to Round 2. As I went to log into my email account, I found the email I was waiting for…

Disney Parks Mom Panel 2015 hopefulI had made it to Round 2. A little in shock, I yelled and gave high fives to my husband and then my kids. I instantly went on Twitter to join the celebration.

So thankful to have been chosen to move on and can not wait to see what is in store for all the Disney Parks Mom Panel hopefuls. I’ll keep my awesome readers updated as the next round is set to open Tuesday October 21st, 2014.

Wish me luck and Pixie Dust!

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Holiday Gift and Decor Shops One Kings Lane

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Holiday Gift and Decor Shops
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Dress Up Your Pumpkins with Copper Leaf The Hot New Trim Trend We’re Loving
Make a gilded pumpkin that will dazzle from Halloween straight through Thanksgiving! Special projects editor Megan Pflug has all the glittering details. Black-painted trim and molding is a refreshing shift from white—and beautifully highlights a room’s best features. Here’s how to use it.
READ ON >> Dress Up Your Pumpkings with Copper Leaf READ ON >> The Hot New Trim Trend We’re Loving
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Elph Band and Target Gift Card Giveaway

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As a mother of three with a full time job; the Elph Band gives me a little piece of mind during the day when I can not be with my children. Not only does it provide health information for care providers to gain instant access in the event of emergencies, but it also provides information on how to contact me.

Elph Band and Target Gift Card Giveaway

Welcome to the ELPH Band Giveaway Event!
Mom Powered Media, ELPH Band, and fantastic group of amazing bloggers have come together to bring you this event, just in time for Halloween.

Hosted by: Mom Powered Media
Sponsored by: ELPH Band

The ELPH Band is a link to your identifying information, such as your address, parent or guardian cell phone numbers and any other information you think is necessary, including medical conditions or drug allergies your child may have. Whether you’re traveling to a theme park, zoo, park, a crowded festival or even the mall, the ELPH Band can help find your child in the event he/she gets separated from you. It only takes one second for a child to disappear out of your site.


The ELPH band is a non-toxic, durable, silicone wristband. It provides an immediate, highly visible form of identification with clear instructions directly on the band. It’s easy to use with options to dial in or scan the QR code. ELPH Band does not put personal information, such as the child’s name or phone number where people can see it when it isn’t needed.

What does ELPH stand for? Easy Lookup to Phone Home

If your child get’s separated from you, all your child needs to do is show an adult his/her ELPH band. That adult can then call the 800# or scan the QR code to get in touch with you to reunite your child with you! It’s that simple!

Once the QR code is scanned on a smartphone, a screen similar to the one below will pop up for them to get in touch with you.


To set up your ELPH band you will register it on a computer, or by scanning the QR code yourself and setting it up via your smartphone. Just a few simple questions and you will be registered. Once completed, you will get a text and email alert letting you know the account profile is active, and to verify the information has been entered correctly.

ELPH Bands are available in 3 sizes: Toddler (up to 5.75 inches), Child (up to 6.5 inches), and Adult (up to 7.5 inches). They are also available in two colors, Navy or Pink.

Buy it: ELPH Bands are $19.99 each and they come with 1 year of service. You can purchase here. After 1 year of service, you can renew your service with ELPH Band.

Connect with ELPH Band
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

PTPA- Elph

Now for the Giveaway!
TWO Lucky Readers will win an ELPH band of their choice, as well as a $125 Target Gift Card.
Giveaway is open to US Residents, void where prohibited.
Must be 18+.
Only one entrant per household, per address.
Winner is subject to eligibility verification.
Winner will be contacted via email and have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen.
Giveaway ends October 31st, 2014 at 11:59pm EST.


Disclosure: The participating bloggers were not compensated for this posting. All thoughts and opinions are those of our own and were not influenced in any way. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, and any other social media are not affiliated with this posting or giveaway. The participating bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment and shipment. Only one entrant per household, per address may enter. Winner is subject to eligibility verification. Winner will be contacted via email and will have 48 hours to respond. Failure to respond in a timely manner, a new winner will be chosen and you will forfeit your prize. This disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. If you have any questions about this event or would like to see your event hosted by Mom Powered Media, please email Darci@MomPoweredMedia.com

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November Birthstone Quick Facts

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November is just around the corner, and those born this month have two birthstones they can claim: topaz and citrine. Many consumers know topaz simply as an inexpensive blue gem, but might be surprised to learn its blue color is rarely natural – it’s almost always colorless topaz that’s been treated to give it this blue color.

They may also be surprised to learn that topaz comes in many more colors, including pinks and purples that rival the finest fancy sapphires. In fact, topaz has an exceptionally wide color range that, besides brown, includes various tones and saturations of blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink and purple.

A few quick facts from GIA (Gemological Institute of America) about November birthstone topaz:

  • Most authorities agree that the name topaz comes from Topazios, the old Greek name for a small island in the Red Sea, now called Zabargad. The island never produced topaz, but it was once a source of peridot, which was confused with topaz before the development of modern mineralogy. Some scholars trace the origin back to Sanskrit and the word topas or tapaz, meaning “fire.”
  • The ancient Greeks believed topaz gave them strength. Renaissance Europeans believed topaz could break magic spells and dispel anger. For centuries, many people in India have believed topaz worn above the heart assured long life, beauty and intelligence.
  • Faceted topaz takes such a high polish it’s slightly slippery to the touch.
  • Topaz is pleochroic, meaning it displays different colors in different crystal directions.
  • Topaz comes in some of the gem world’s largest crystals: the largest are pounds, not carats.

Citrine, the other November birthstone, is rare in nature. In the days before modern gemology, its tawny color was often confused with topaz. Today, its attractive color, plus the durability and affordability it shares with most other quartzes, makes it the top-selling yellow-to-orange gem. In the contemporary market, citrine’s most popular shade is an earthy, deep, brownish or reddish orange.


November Birthstone Quick Facts

Photographed from GIA’s collection of the Dr. Edward J. Gübelin Collection. Left to right: 9.21 carat colorless octagon topaz from Nigeria; 15.01 carat light blue octagon topaz from Brazil; 18.41 carat rose red octagon topaz from Pakistan and 12.54 carat orange red baguette topaz from Ouro Preto, Brazil. Photo by Robert Weldon/GIA; ©GIA


The 4Cs: Clarity, Color, Cut and Carat Weight


Red is one of the most sought-after topaz colors and represents less than one-half of one percent of facet-grade material found. Medium reddish orange to orange-red topaz, which the trade calls imperial topaz, is highly prized and very rare.

Some say that pink topaz, often called rose topaz, resembles a pink diamond or a bright pink sapphire. Pink topaz has certain advantages over these two gems. It’s much less expensive than pink diamond, and it’s often available in larger sizes than either diamond or sapphire.

Dealers often use the trade term “sherry topaz” for yellowish brown or brownish yellow to orange topaz. Golden or yellow topaz lacks the prized red overtones of imperial topaz. It’s also much more abundant and therefore less valuable. Although brown topaz is also less valuable, it has been used in striking pieces of jewelry and ornamental art.

In nature, topaz is most commonly colorless, and naturally strong blue gems are extremely rare. In the marketplace, however, strong blue shades are plentiful because colorless topaz is treated with a combination of radiation and heat.

A fashioned topaz that displays a combination of two colors is called bicolor topaz. The most valued topaz colors are orangy red to red. Blue gems are widely available.


Fashioned topaz gems are often free of visible inclusions or flaws. This is especially true of blue, colorless and yellow topaz. Other more rare colors like imperial and pink may show inclusions more often and still be valuable due to the color’s rarity.


Because topaz crystals are usually elongated or columnar, they’re often cut as long oval or pear shapes to improve yield. If the rough is strongly colored, the cutter often chooses the emerald cut because that cutting style maximizes color and retains the most weight.

Carat Weight

Topaz can often form as large crystals that can yield sizeable cut gems.

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Fall in Love with Learning Giveaway

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With easy access to smartphones, tablets and computers; children are getting reliant on technology to learn. With Teach My kits your children will think they are playing, but in reality they are learning.

Fall in Love with Learning Giveaway
 Prize Value: $120

Hosted by:

A Lucky Ladybug


Make Our Own Network

Teach My, award winning all-in-one learning kits for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. No need to spend hundreds of dollars going to several stores buying individual teaching tools, Teach My kits provide everything necessary for learning the basics, all in a portable and storable case.Did you know you can find Teach My products at Toys ‘R’ Us Stores across the USA and online at most big box retailers?

This giveaway is open to the Continental US only (because of shipping costs) and will end on October 30th, 2014.  Good Luck!!

I am really excited about the Fall in Love with Learning Giveaway event. Education learning tools are a great to keep a children involved and interested in learning. As they get older the ability to study, learn and grow with shape who they become.

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October is Anti-Bullying Month

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At age 10, Moreya, born in Los Angeles wrote her first song. Her single, Sticks and Stones deals with the subject of “bullying” and is being called the anthem of October Anti-Bullying Month.

October is anti-bullying month! It starts with us!

2014 Bullying Statistics:

  • 20 percent of U.S. students in grades 9-12 reportedly have experienced bullying or are feeling bullied, while 28 percent of students in grades 6-12 report the same. Experts agree that most incidences of bullying occur during middle school.
  • According to one study cited by the DHHS, 29.3 percent of middle school students had experienced bullying in the classroom; 29 percent experienced it in hallways or lockers; 23.4 percent were bullied in the cafeteria; 19.5 percent were bullied during gym class; and 12.2percent of bullied kids couldn’t even escape the torture in the bathroom.
  • Most of the student in the study reported name calling as the most prevalent type of bullying, followed by teasing, rumor-spreading, physical incidents, purposeful isolation, threats, belongings being stolen, and sexual harassment. Surprisingly, cyberbullying occurred with the least frequency.
  • 70.6 percent of teens have seen bullying occurring in their schools – and approximately 30percent of young people admit to bullying themselves. With so many students seeing what goes on, one has to wonder why bullying proliferates – especially since the DHHS reports that bullying stops within 10 seconds 57 percent of the time when someone intervenes. Juvonen found in her study that “A simple message, such as ‘Bullying is not tolerated,’ is not likely to be very effective,” and that effective anti-bullying programs need to focus on the bystanders, who can step in and stop the behavior.


October is Anti-Bullying Month


In order to recognize and prevent bullying, you need to know what type of bully you are dealing with.  Although bullies can exist just about anywhere , the three most common types of bullies are:

  • School bullies
  • Cyber bullies
  • Workplace bullies


Bullying behaviors are common to all types of bullies, whether you need to know how to deal with bullies at work or how to deal with bullies at school. All bullies are aggressive. Bullies do not like to be disagreed with. This aggression could be physical or verbal. Bullies may hit you or take your money. Threats can come to the victim, the victim’s family, the victim’s possessions or the victim’s pets, all by evil bullies.

Spread the word about October is Anti-Bullying Month using #AntiBullying and #SticksandStones


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10 Mommy Confessions

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My funny, crazy, scary and embarrassing “Mommy Confessions”

I admit there are times when my best intentions just don’t equal great parenting! Having 3 kids, a loving husband, blogging as a hobby and a full time job is by no means an excuse, but I will put it out there just in case you can relate. Busy days and lack of sleep are also big contributors. :)
10 Mommy Confessions

Here are my 10 Mommy Confessions:

  1. I have pretended to be in such a deep sleep that my husband is forced to get up to our youngest child in the middle of the night. ( currently 4 mo old)
  2. On more than one occasion, I have left my 2 yr old toddler in pajamas all day long. Only to change him into clean pajamas after his nighttime bath.
  3. I have “forgotten” (on purpose) to plan dinner for the night just to get out of cooking. Delivery to the rescue!
  4. When they cooperate, I have put both younger children down for a nap earlier than normal so I can have a little quiet time.
  5. Oatmeal cookies and pop-tarts have been an option for breakfast on more than a couple days in my house.
  6. I have skipped cleaning my house for a least 3 days in a row.
  7. I leave towels in the dryer all the time!!
  8. I have used my children to get out of having to leave the house. Sometimes too much effort is required with leaving the comfort of my house when I don’t actually HAVE to.
  9. Blogging is a “ME TIME” hobby that I indulge in at home, at work and just about anywhere using mobile apps.
  10. Part 2 to #9 – I have probably shared one or two personal things about my husband that he probably wishes me to remove from the blog. Not gonna happen :)

Whether or not we like to admit them, we all have a few mommy confessions! Will you share yours?

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