Tammy and Sidney Moorer Bond Hearing

Tammy and Sidney Moorer Bond Hearing

March 17th, 2014
Sidney and Tammy Moorer, the pair charged in the Heather Elvis case, had a court appearance at 2 pm today.

During court no phones were allowed on, bomb sniffing dogs were seen and there was a very noticeable police presence.

During the Bond Hearing the following information was released:

  • Tammy’s attorney says she has a strong faith in the court system and is ready to face the charges and build her case. @MarcLiverman
  • Tammy Moorer’s attorney says she has no prior criminal record, not even a traffic ticket. @MarcLiverman
  • State says on December 17 after 1 am Sidney Moorer called Heather Elvis. State says they spoke for more than 4 mins. @MarcLiverman
  • State says Heather Elvis called Sidney two more times from home with no response. State says they finally spoke after 317 am. @MarcLiverman
  • State says Heather Elvis was home for those calls then left after the 317 am call for the boat landing. @MarcLiverman
  • State says Tammy Moorer knew about affair Sidney Moorer had with Heather Elvis. @MarcLiverman
  • Dec 18th large withdrawal of $5000 made by the Moorers per prosecution. @marshall_staton
  • Ford f150 2013 w/ very specific details (82 in sc) belonging to the moorers spotted on video. All excluded but the Moorers on vid per prosec – @marshall_staton
  • State says Heather Elvis murder was premeditated and that the Moorers disposed of her body. @MarcLiverman
  • State says Moorer’s compound had many thing related to entire Elvis family like pictures, journal entries. @MarcLiverman 
  • Prosecution says investigators located $10k in cash in moorers safe. @marshall_staton
  • Horry co police say they’ve responded to Moorers’ home at least 39 times. @MarcLiverman
  • Sidney’s Attorney mentions Sidney was the one who informed them of the texts made by Tammy to Heather which led to the Indecent Exposure Charges

Income Discrepancies possibly explained:

Income reported on loan application

  • 2007 – $45,000
  • 2010 – 120,000
  • 2013 – $48,000

Only filed one income on taxes

  • 2011 – $15,520 listed as waitress/cook
  • 2012 – $15,193 listed as waitress/cook

From Sidney’s recovered text messages:


Sidney messages Ashley

any suggestions on what I should do with her acting the way she is? I know you are her sister and I f*** her over

Are the kids over there?

Response from Ashley

She needs to get sober

They are fine

Response from Sidney 

Ok good

The Solicitor also mentions (in my own opinion) an unusual agreement between Tammy and Sidney – (these details apparently came from Sidney)

  • Tammy would go to work with Sidney
  • Tammy has control of all his social media
  • Tammy had control of his cell phone and had a passcode on the phone so he could could not access it
  • Sidney was handcuffed (willingly) to the bed at night so he could not leave the house

These images were found on Twitter and provided by @MyHorryNews:

Sidney and Tammy Moorer Bond Hearing

These photos were provided by the @marshall_staton Twitter Account: These images are very hard to read, but if you squint you can make out pretty much all of the wording.

Tammy and Sidney Moorer Bond Hearing 2

This image shows text messages to Heather from November 2013

Tammy and Sidney Moorer Bond Hearing

This image appears to detail information about the Moorer’s truck on camera

A better image can be found here

The Elvis Family addresses the Judge:

Sidney and Tammy Moorer Bond Hearing

Terry tells judge he worries for his youngest daughter’s safety, asks judge not to release Moorers on bond.  @MarcLiverman







Awaiting the decision, but we must first hear from the defense again:

  • Sidney’s attorney talking again, making reference to threats made against Moorer family including children. @marshall_staton
  • “There is a severe lack of evidence in this case”. Sidney’s atty @marshall_staton
  • Moorer attorney says this has snowballed into an “outrageous witch hunt with no real evidence.” @MarcLiverman
  • Defense continuously refers to a bond hearing being used to gauge flight risk and community safety, not trying the case in a bond hearing. @marshall_staton
  • Greg McCollum defense atty making reference to things that may not be verifiable or factual in social media evidence. @marshall_staton
  • Tammies attorney brings up chief Rhodes reference to 100s of hours of investigation and he says he’d estimate thousands of hours. @marshall_staton
  • Tammie’s attorney ref guns now and pointing out nothing illegal about people possessing them in sc @marshall_staton

Judge: “I’m extremely concerned about potential of violence” Judge stated “not limited to the Moorers.” Bond Denied for both Sidney and Tammy Moorer.

While I could not be in the court room, I was following along with others on Twitter using #HeatherElvis. I did my best to give credit where credit is due. Thank you for understanding.  Thank @marshall_staton for your wonderful coverage. 

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